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ZAIDA Jewelry was founded in November 2010 by Venezuela native and Chicago-based jewelry designer Zaida Arnieri. This jewelry line consists of handcrafted, high quality designs; using gemstones, freshwater pearls, imported crystals, glass, shells, lava rock, various metals and more.

ZAIDA Jewelry's designs were first inspired by Zaida's cherished and irreplaceable upbringing in Venezuela. Zaida spent her childhood between the gorgeous and picturesque Andes Mountains and the hot and sunny Lake Maracaibo. She was exposed to a variety of colorful landscapes, historic architecture, rich culture, and unforgettable people, including the country‚Äôs beautiful women. Venezuelan women take great pride in their looks and place much importance on their appearance. Feminine clothing and unique accessories are always a must. As an adult Zaida first began to express her creativity as a hobbyist by designing and handcrafting beautiful jewelry, which would make women look and feel beautiful. She ventured further by not only creating such stunning works, but also by sharing them with family and friends. After a few years of art making and gift giving, Zaida realized she was in fact a jewelry designer and that her passion and hobby had turned into a profession; thus ZAIDA Jewelry was founded. Nowadays, Zaida finds inspiration from everyday life experiences, from living in the multi-faceted city of Chicago, vacations, books, movies, conversations and more.  However; her biggest inspiration, is the great adventure of being a mother of three small children.