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The Zaida & Nirvana Collaboration

Zaida Arnieri and Tarini Ma Dagnino spent their childhoods together in the town of Mérida, Venezuela, a lovely area famous for its artists and university, situated between two gorgeous ranges of the Andes Mountains. When Zaida was a teenager her family moved to Chicago; years later Tarini Ma joined her good friend in the United States. After several years in the US, Tarini Ma made a pilgrimage to India, and discovered that this was where her life and spiritual quest were meant to unfold. In the meantime, Zaida began designing her own jewelry, making extraordinary pieces of rare quality and beauty. Meanwhile, Tarini Ma was discovering her own latent talents for clothing and jewelry design, and began her own business, a multifaceted project called Nirvana, which included her own unique clothing, jewelry, yoga classes, and guided tours to India. When the two friends reconnected, they were overjoyed to learn of their shared talents and aspirations.  Being that they are such big fans and supporters of each other’s work, Zaida and Tarini have now joined forces to help bring their precious designs to the world.

 What is Nirvana Jewelry? 

Nirvana Jewelry is the creation of Tarini Ma Dagnino, a Venezuelan clothing and jewelry designer who has been based in India since 1999. Her designs are unique expressions of her lifelong spiritual quest, and are handcrafted in India by talented artisans using the highest quality materials. One can feel in her designs both the rich sensuality of Venezuela and the multifaceted influences of her beloved India, a land of myriad colors, mystery, beauty, and extreme contrasts. Tarini Ma rejoices in making styles of her own, and inspiring people to wear jewelry that is not only beautiful but emanates high vibrations. She is a great supporter of the ancient culture of India, and feels inspired to make the treasures of this great land available to the western world in this crucial modern era.