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Birthstone Necklace - Multiple Stone


Customize your birthstone necklace!

Chose your birthstones of choice (January-December), and metal (14K Gold Filled or Sterling Silver).  The 20" single strand necklace has a lobster closure. The stones are one of a kind, each pendant will vary slightly in hue and cut.

The necklace starts at $85, each additional stone is $5 more.

This is a great necklace for mothers, each stone can be the children's birthstones. Perfect for couples, best friends, etc.  Each stone also has its own healing properties, so a combination of these stones may be just what you need.


Rose Quartz – enhances self-confidence & creativity. Aids development of forgiveness, compassion, love.

Garnet – Enhances self-confidence and creativity. Aids development of forgiveness, compassion and love.


Amethyst - an intelligent & calming stones with strong protective qualities. Promotes healing. Inspires divine love.


Aquamarine - banishes fears, calms nerves, & imparts strength and control.


Diamond (Swarovski Crystal) - crystal is energizing, grounding & generally carries warm and soft energies.


Chysoprase - helps achieve insight, aids calmness & stimulates creativity.


Pearl - stimulates prosperity, attracts creativity. Enables self-love & acceptance of love.


Ruby - restores mental balance. Improves circulation. Protects sensitive nature.


Jade - a peaceful stone. Good for purity, serenity, protects from harm & attracts love.


Sapphire - motivates the pursuit of goals. Strengthens loyalty. Enhances creative expression.


Tourmaline - brings clarity & calmness, acts as a cleanser, dissipates negative energy & purifies


Citrine - enhances body’s healing energy. Raises self-esteem.


Turquoise - promotes joy & friendship. Stimulates elevation of goals & understanding.

Lapis Lazuli – Releases tension and anxiety. Strengthens total awareness. Enhances mental clarity.