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Chakra-Alignment Lohitha (Red)


35" single strand necklace. 3" tassel.

Chakra-Alignment Necklace 

These malas are precious handcrafted jewelry that feature high quality faceted glass beads. They come in four different colors; the one that appeals to you most will probably be the most highly beneficial for you. In color therapy, colors are used to harmonize the chakras, the spiritual centers along the spine; they are also important in balancing astrological influences. The names of these necklaces are given in Sanskrit, the root of all Indian languages. We combine these faceted gems with beads of our favorite metal, brass, and bring the necklace to completion with our beautiful, long tassel.  These exquisite necklaces come in 4 different colors: Black, Green, Blue and Red.

Chakra-Alignment Lohitha (Red)


Red is a masculine color and is one of the three primary colors. It is not composed of other colors; red stands alone. Red is related to fire, symbolizing destruction and re-generation, and has true South as its direction. Red moves in the physical body as the life force itself, and is important for accomplishing things. It is excellent for lovers, keeping in good physical condition, and for all kinds of creativity. Red is warming and invigorating, but it is not the hottest color, as some suppose. It represents the fire of motivation and burns away debris and toxins. Red helps us burst into action to create our lives anew. It is the best color when you need to destroy worn-out patterns and create new ones.  Most importantly, it helps put your new plans into action.