• Chakra-Alignment Haritaha (Green)


    35" single strand necklace. 3" tassel.

    Chakra-Alignment Necklace 

    These malas are precious handcrafted jewelry that feature high quality faceted glass beads. They come in four different colors; the one that appeals to you most will probably be the most highly beneficial for you. In color therapy, colors are used to harmonize the chakras, the spiritual centers along the spine; they are also important in balancing astrological influences. The names of these necklaces are given in Sanskrit, the root of all Indian languages. We combine these faceted gems with beads of our favorite metal, brass, and bring the necklace to completion with our beautiful, long tassel.  These exquisite necklaces come in 4 different colors: Black, Green, Blue and Red.

    Chakra-Alignment Haritaha (Green)


    Green is a feminine color and is composed of blue and yellow. Green is an Earth color, symbolizing abundance, growth and life, with North-East as it's direction. Green moves in the soul with powers of decision making. It bridge the physical body with the spiritual body. It is excellent for couples and for families. Green wants abundance for all, and tolerance, acceptance and a fair balance of giving and receiving. Green is comforting, soothing and builds a thriving structure. It represents the abundance of life and it wants to be all inclusive. It is the best color when you need to increase acceptance, tolerance and forgiveness, and want to flow with actions of Love.