• Hari-Hara Balance Necklace


    35" single strand necklace. 3" tassel.

    These malas are precious handcrafted jewelry that feature beads of sacred tulsi wood combined with Rudrakshas, both sourced from our beloved India.

    Tulsi is a beautiful plant with many healing qualities, and is literally worshipped by the Hindus. It is considered to be a manifestation of the Divine Mother, and is said to have been Lord Krishna’s favorite plant. Wearing tulsi gives protection, increases devotion, and brings beauty, health, elegance and grace into your life. Wherever tulsi is grown or worn there will be purity, for tulsi is the great purifier, both of the body and the environment.

    We combine the tulsi in our necklaces with the sacred seeds known as Rudrakshas, meaning ‘Shiva’s tears’ in Sanskrit, which have been worn by sages and yogis since Vedic times for their healing, strengthening and protective properties. The 5-faced Rudrakshas used in these necklaces are associated with learning, concentration, and developing one’s own unique qualities; they are also related to optimism and spiritual growth.

    The tulsi and Rudrakshas in these malas are combined with beads of one of our favorite metals, brass, and then given a precious touch of color with our long tassel.