• Margarita Kachi Cosmetic Bag


    Kachi embroidery work (also known as Kutch embroidery) is one of the most easily identifiable styles of Gujarat, a state in west India. Kachi embroidery is characterized by the use of a patchwork of different cloths of vibrant colors, combined with small mirrors, beads and intricate needlework that embellishes the entire fabric on which it is based. Usually done on cotton or silk fabric, Kachi embroidery involves the use of silk or woolen thread stitched in such a way as to create elaborate patterns. Kachi artisans draw their inspiration from romantic, architectural and spiritual motifs, as well as Persian and Mughal arts. Loving and admiring this beautiful handwork, Tarini Ma (from Nirvana) buys all kinds of bags directly from the artists, always choosing the best quality she can find, and is thrilled to share with the world these incredibly intricate creations and support these communities.

    Lengh: 5.5”

    Side handle: 7”

    Front width: 8”

    Side width: 5.5”

    Bottom: 6”